Day Of Week Calendar-Sticks to ALL Surfaces

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Dry Erase "Day Of Week" Calendar - Sticks to ALL Surfaces - Renewable SlipToGrip (TM) Gel to Adheres to All Surfaces - Stainless Steel, Wood, Doors - Premium Plastic Wipes Clean
White Dry Erase - Day of the Week date calendar - Great Because You Can Place Almost Any Place - Stainless Steel, Wood, Cabinets, Glass.
Premium Dry Erase Plastic - Easily Wipes Clean with No Streaks - Flexible Plastic is Not Flimsy Like Many Other Calendars
SlipToGrip Renewable Gel - Apply and Reapply As Many Times As You Need - It Will Always Stick - Never Leaves Marks On Walls Guaranteed - Wipe with Water to Renew Grip - EASY!!
Other date Calendars are Magnetic And Will Not Stick to Common Stainless Steel Refrigerators, Walls, Wood, etc. The iPrimio date calendar Adheres to Almost All Surfaces using Trademarked StickyGel Pads. buy now